My most current paintings have been inspired by my love of trees.
I have always felt a connection to trees. Perhaps it’s the way they connect me to the
earth and sky. Lying on the ground looking up at the canopy of branches and leaves,
they remind me of how small I am in this world, and yet how very connected we all are.
Trees teach me to pay attention to what I need to do to stay grounded in this life,
to stay rooted so that my creativity can soar like the branches reaching for the sky. They
teach me that a strong base allows for more flexibility, exploration, ease and growth.
Be that child again, the one with all the time in the world. The one that takes the time
to lie under the trees and dream the big dreams.
The one with unlimited possibilities!

I am constantly in awe and inspired by the southwest landscape, Colorado,
Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and most recently the Redwood Forest. The trees, canyons
and mountains, sustain me, keep me grounded and reveal to me a sense of
permanence, strength and resilience. For me they are a place of grace.

As my paintings have been evolving, I think about how
they have become a metaphor for life. Up close my paintings take on
an abstract quality. Energized brush strokes of bold color amongst
grayed hues splashed over the surface. As you back away all is revealed.
The bold strokes become a forest, creek bed, flowing water, vast canyons
or local landscapes, just as life reveals itself with distance and perspective.

I hope you enjoy these interpretations of the beauty that surrounds us and speaks to our souls.



©2009 Deb Komitor






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